Prevent Atherosclerosis and Avoid an Angioplasty – Start Today!

President Bill Clinton underwent an angioplasty and stent procedure yesterday. An angioplasty is a procedure whereby a balloon is inserted into an artery that is clogged. The artery is actually expanded by the balloon and the clog is flattened. At the same time as the artery expands the stent with is a metallic mesh type device also expands, locks into place and holds the artery open so that more blood can flow through it.

President Clinton had gone through heart by pass surgery just a few years ago and yet the arteries clogged up again. The lesson to be learned here is that unless you take steps to prevent the process of atherosclerosis (the build up of plaques on the insides of your arteries) you could be at risk for the same kinds of plaque build up.

Conventional wisdom states that by lowering LDL cholesterol, the risk of plaque build up and heart disease in lowered, at least in people with existing cardiovascular risk factors, like obesity, familial history, insulin resistance, and hypertension. But even people with out the risk factors can develop heart disease and possible heart attacks.

The truth of the matter is that LDL in its natural state is not “sticky” and will not adhere to the insides of heart arteries very easily. It is only when the LDL becomes oxidized by free radicals and inflammatory processes in the body, that the LDL can become dangerous.

Certain naturally occurring compounds called flavonoids are capable of substantially lowering the risk of LDL from being oxidized. Compounds like Quercetin, and Grape Seed Extract can be taken on a daily basis to prevent oxidation of LDL. Recommended amounts are about 250-500 mg. per day.

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