Calcium and Osteoporosis 

The Misunderstood Benefits and Risks of Calcium Supplementation


* Calcium supplementation is big business
* 50% of all women over age 65 and 25% of all men will experience at least one
osteoporotic fracture in their life time.
* The governments’ understanding of micronutrient requirements as expressed
in the RDI’s is archaic.
* Most if not all RDI’s for vitamins and minerals are woefully low, while the RDI of
1,000-1,500 mg. per day of calcium could be dangerously high.

FACT: Bantu women in Africa have lower estrogen levels than U.S. women both before and after menopause. They consume less than 500 mg. per day of calcium yet osteoporotic fractures are extremely rare;

FACT: The Japanese dietary calcium intake is 540 mg. per day yet their hip fracture rate is half of western countries.

FACT: A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that post-menopausal women who took 2,000 mg. of calcium per day had the same rate of bone loss as those on placebo.

FACT: A study done by the Mayo Clinic on 106 women of various ages demonstrated that over a 2.6-6.6 year observation period there was no correlation between calcium supplementation and the rate of bone loss.

FACT: Calcium by itself doesn’t work very well. A study of 26 post-menopausal women who were placed on HRT and a “bone healthy” diet demonstrated a meager increase of BMD (Bone Mineral Density) of .7%. The group that was given a mixture of calcium and other supportive and synergistic micronutrients demonstrated an increase in BMD 16 times greater than the control.

FACT: A 1981 study of calcium versus calcium and supportive co-factors demonstrated that the mixture increased BMD 200-300% greater than calcium alone.

DANGER: Arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) is caused by calcification of these and other soft tissues throughout the body.

DANGER: When calcium is supplemented by itself and is not being incorporated into the bone matrix, the difference between what is consumed and excreted contributes not only to arteriosclerosis but accelerated aging of soft tissues throughout the body.

FACT: Two forms of a lesser known vitamin have been shown to be 56-74% deficient in people with osteoporosis.

FACT: This same vitamin has been shown to increase the absorption of calcium into the osteocalcin matrix by 50% in just 14 days.

FACT: This same vitamin has been shown in vitro and in animals to draw calcium out of soft tissues and reverse calcification.

FACT: Several studies have shown that absorption of calcium by humans decreases with age. Calcium absorption can be enhanced by a particular kind of health promoting fiber.

FACT: Deposition of calcium into the bone matrix is only half of the BMD equation. Bone Resorption (the loss of bone) must also be addressed!

FACT: Two herbs with substantial health promoting benefits in areas other than BMD have been shown in vitro and in animals to decrease osteoclast (cells that consume bone) activity and decrease bone resorption. This is a mechanism similar to the bisphosponate drugs like Fossamax. But these drugs have side effects like esophageal irritation and are expensive.

FACT: Slowing down calcification and glycation (the aging effects of sugar on the organs of our body) is a major anti-aging benefit.

FACT: Homocysteine which is a marker or indicator of many chronic degenerative diseases, including cardiovascular disease, and diabetes , is also higher in patients with osteoporosis. A combination of three common vitamins has been clinically shown to reduce homocysteine.

FACT: In addition to the role it plays in bones, Calcium is essential to over-all health and longevity. But calcium must be taken correctly and with the proper supporting co-factors which are most often not included in calcium containing products.

The combination of biochemically, synergistic ingredients in a product I formulated: “Cal-Vantage” includes these important co-factors and will go beyond just reducing your risk for bone fractures due to osteoporosis.

Please continue to read about the scientific data reviewing the benefits of the ingredients in Cal-Vantage relating to osteoporosis, risk of bone fracture, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. 


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